Play The Money Game

Becoming rich is not a question of Hard or Easy, but rather the questions of what do rich people KNOW, how do they THINK,andwhat do they DO? For some, it will take years to understand these three concepts. With Play The Money Game, we shorten the time that it takes for people to learn and apply what it is that they will need to KNOW, THINK and DO.

Does your current pay slip make you feel trapped every month? Does paying your bills leave a constant shadow of anxiety over you that drains you and sucks your enjoyment from life?

Month after month you work harder than anyone else around you, and yet you still yield the same results, slowly having your hope eroded by the corporate world or office politics, leaving you with a sense of complete lack of control over your future.

Do you want to learn how to invest in opportunities that could add to your cash flow but feel like you do not have enough information or do not know where to start? Maybe you are an entrepreneur who thought that you would achieve freedom through your business, only to realise that you are handcuffed to your business every day.

You are not alone and you don’t have to feel this way! Come and learn how to succeed in life in a safe environment and with like-minded individuals, where you can invest in real estate, business, and the stock market, just by playing Robert Kiyosaki’s, Game of Cashflow101®!

Join us onat our Play The Money Gameevents, a risk-free, fun-filled and action-packed session where you will learn more about:

  • The 4 ways of how the wealthy earn their money.
  • How to identify opportunities that could create cash flow for you.
  • The difference between good debt and bad debt.
  • How to play the Game of Cashflow101® and apply the learnings to real life!
Venue:Nicol Hotel (Cnr Nicol Rd & Skeen Blvd, Bedfordview)
Times:09h00 – 13h30
Investment:R350 per person
Groups 5+:R300 per person
Groups 10+:R250 per person

AtPlay The Money Game, we use Robert Kiyosaki’s Game of Cashflow101® to help expand your way of thinking, breaking through your pre-conceived limits, and turning your frustrations to joy, excitement and inspiration in the process.

With its high intensity game structure, you will learn how tolook for opportunitieswhen life throws curve balls at you, turning yourproblems into solutions. And by playing the game, you will learn thatyour dreams can determine your payslipandnot the other way around.

This 4-hour event is will not only give you the information you need to take the next step in your life, but will also help you to create the mindset for how you can get out of the daily rat race, instead of living a life of payslip to payslip – a life of survival.

As Robert Kiyosaki would ask, “Do you have the GUTS?” to invest in yourself and to invest in your future.

Join me, my team, and a group of like-minded individuals for a high energy session of business, entrepreneurial and financial learning through playing the Game of Cashflow101®!
The event is limited to 50 people. To avoid disappointment, I encourage you to book your seat!