A world-renowned program based on Blair Singer’s Sales Mastery. This very intensive 2 ½ Day Program is focused on developing Core Sales Skills & the Mindset required to be successful in Sales.

During the program You will Learn:

  • How to Master the 6 Step Sales Cycle and how to implement it within your business right away to pick up sales that are already sitting on the table.
  • How to Handle Any Objection Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace, so that you can turn more No’s into Yes’s.
  • How to Command Any Sales Conversation and steer it to the Outcome You Desire.
  • How to Master Your Little Voice that Holds You Back.
  • How to create EXPONENTIAL GROWTHin Your Sales & Business by changing just one number in your sales system for a dramatic and immediate jump in sales.
  • How to Build a Simple but Effective Sales Pipeline.
  • How to Build a Highly Successful Environment for You and Your Team by using the right tools to hold your Sales Team Accountablefor Peak Performance.
  • And so much more!